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Addiction Counseling and Therapy in Scottsdale, AZ

NOTE: Pathways Counseling Services is not a drug rehabilitation, detoxification, or recovery center. For drug dependent individuals who need medical and/or inpatient assistance to aid their recovery efforts, we strongly urge you to consult with a recovery center that specializes in that area. If this is an emergency, please dial 911.


Addiction comes in many forms and can affect people in dramatically different ways. Regardless of their severity, however, virtually all addictions can heavily impact a person’s ability to form or keep relationships, maintain a healthy lifestyle, or live a life of peace and happiness overall.

For individuals local to the Scottsdale, Arizona area, Pathways Counseling Services can provide you with critical coping skills and support to help you on your journey to recovery. If want to make a change and/or need support with an addiction or unhealthy behavior, we’d love to talk.

What is addiction counseling?

Addiction counseling is a type of therapy treatment that helps people overcome their dependence on unhealthy substances, activities, or habits. The overarching goal is to give clients the support they need on this journey, helping minimize the damaging impact addiction has on their mental and physical health (as well as the impact on that person’s family and relationships). 

Whom is addiction counseling for?

Although any unhealthy dependency in a person’s life is a good enough reason to seek counseling, below are some of the most common addictions that could be helped through addiction counseling and therapy. If you identify with any one of these behaviors or dependencies, or if close friends or loved ones have shown concerns about your behavior in any of these areas, we strongly urge you to reach out to an addiction counselor and start the healing process. It could very well end up saving your life.

While people who smoke can live normal, happy lives, nicotine is an addictive drug that can have serious effects on one's physical health. The longer a person stays addicted to nicotine, the more he/she is likely to face health consequences down the road. Therapy can give addicted individuals the tools they need to successfully quit (and stay quit).

Alcoholism is a dangerous dependency millions of Americans struggle with on a day to day basis. The impacts of alcoholism are wide ranging, heavily affecting everything from a person’s physical and mental health to impacting judgments and decisions that could put people in serious danger. 

Drug Abuse
Similar to alcohol, a drug dependency can have a very serious and dangerous impact on a person. Depending on the severity of the drug, a drug dependency can quickly spiral out of control and cause a person's life to come quickly crashing down. Aside from a variety of health issues, drug abuse can easily land a person in jail and/or impact their ability to get a job later in life.

A gambling addiction can cause very serious financial problems for the individual and their families. If their financial situation is bad enough, such an addiction can cause people to lose their jobs, their homes, and their relationships. 

Addictions to sex and pornography not only causes strain and distrust within a relationship, but it can also cultivate an extremely unhealthy and distorted view of relationships and romantic behavior in general. It is not uncommon for individuals with these addictions to seek sexual attention in damaging ways. Sex addicts may engage in adulterous behavior to satisfy their urges, while pornography addicts may develop an unhealthy, unrealistic, and highly sexualized attitude toward people they find attractive. Either way, such addictions can be highly problematic for all those involved.

Addiction Counseling in Scottsdale, Arizona

Pathways Counseling Services provides addiction counseling services that can address any one or more of the issues described above. Depending on your specific situation as well as your safety, we will provide a specialized counseling plan to help you overcome your addiction and navigate the path to recovery so you can start living a life of peace. 

For smokers specifically, Pathways Counseling Services even offers smoking cessation hypnotherapy services that can help them overcome their habits and quit smoking for good.

About Pathways Counseling Services

Pathways Counseling Services is a mental health and counseling therapy center based in Scottsdale, Arizona. We provide a variety of counseling services to our community members, including addiction counseling and therapy services for individuals whose addictions are causing significant issues in their lives.

No matter the addiction, counseling is the first step on the road to recovery. Please give us a call at (480) 235-1682 or schedule an appointment here to start putting your dependencies behind you and start living your life again.

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