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Assessment & Testing Services in Scottsdale, AZ

Adult Assessments

  • Are you considering major life changes and you want an idea if it’s the right thing to do?
  • Do you want answers, once and for all and believe that a solid assessment will help you deal with mental issues such as anxiety, bipolar disorder, or a personality disorder?
  • Have you had a recommendation from a professional to have an assessment?
  • Are you struggling with a short attention span or other issues that make your daily life uncomfortable?
  • Do you need to know why you’re having a hard time in your school or work environment and are out of answers?

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The Assessment Process

Our psychological assessment will include: An initial short discussion to start the process and determine the RIGHT set of tests and assessments to meet your needs.

The in person interview and selected test(s) will be scheduled and administered to you.

After scoring and interpreting your test results, you will meet with our psychologist again to discuss your results and a recommended course of action or treatment plan/goals.

A detailed and customized report will be developed for you by combining the information gathered from the initial intake, testing, and behavior observations. From there, we can work with you to get you the help you need.

WIth the answers gathered from the psychological assessment, together we can develop a plan to help you meet your goals.


A psychological evaluation and assessment by our trained psychologists can provide you with the answers that you are looking for.

The assessment that you will receive from Pathways Counseling Services will give you the knowledge to make solid and healthy changes in your life.

There is no need for you to continue to wonder if things can be better and you can live a more fulfilling life now.

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Child Assessments

  • Does your child seem to be struggling with school and doesn’t know why?
  • Are there things that make studying and learning harder for your child?
  • Is your child getting in trouble for making impulsive choices?
  • Is he/she having difficulty making friends?
  • Do you want professional guidance and support for your family?

We all know how important school is for our children. It’s not only the process of learning. It’s also where they learn how to interact with others, and develop the habits they need for a happy and productive life.

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This is a time that, as parents, we have to rely on others to help in the development of these life skills. How do you know if your child has needs that aren’t addressed by the “standard teaching methods” used in the classroom.

Is your child’s behavior at school completely different than at home? If so, there may be a learning disability rather than a behavioral issue.

Is your child acting up/out to avoid doing some of the assigned classwork in order not to look “dumb” to other students? This, too, may be a sign of a learning disorder and may be serving to distract from the real issue that your child is struggling with.

If your child needs to ask for help or extra time repeatedly, this could mean that your child needs more. In knowing what the issue is, you can help your child find success now and in the future. Waiting to see if “it will pass” can lead to low self esteem, anxiety, depression, and waste valuable time that your child needs in order to learn and set themselves up for success.

All children have times when they struggle in school, we are all faced with a “bad week” or “bad month”. However, when nothing appears to make a positive change, it might be time to look to an assessment to find out if there are some underlying issues that can be addressed.

Children will benefit from KNOWING and UNDERSTANDING the issues with a complete and comprehensive assessment based on input from the child, parents and school personnel. In doing so, your child’s unique learning style and differences can be identified and resources and tools can then be developed.



To be as accommodating as possible for those assessment services, Pathways Counseling Services is pleased to provide:

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