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Child Anger Management Counseling in Scottsdale, AZ

Managing Anger

When a child melts down and becomes aggressive, he or she can pose a serious risk to themselves. Sadly, in some cases, it can also be to others, including parents and siblings.

It’s not uncommon for kids who have trouble handling their emotions. They lose control and direct their distress to a caregiver. It can involve screaming and cursing, throwing dangerous objects, or hitting and biting.

It can be a scary, stressful experience for you and your child, too. Children often feel sorry after they’ve worn themselves out and calmed down. It’s important for the parent to take the time to talk with the child to help understand and process what had just happened.

The causes of the anger might be anxiety, ADHD, or an undiagnosed learning disability. Sensory processing issues can make a child react to too much noise, crowds, or even scratchy clothes. Any of these can be the cause of the anger outburst.

Pathways Counseling Services are experts in teaching children the skills necessary to process these feelings in a productive way. We are here to support the child and parents, together with building a healthier, more positive life.

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