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Child Bullying Counseling in Scottsdale, AZ

Take Back Control And Stop The Bullying

We are becoming more and more aware of bullying of our children in the last few years.  We are learning there can be long term repercussions of bullying long past childhood.

When your child faces bullying, they might begin to lose self-worth or feel unsafe. There might be a change in school (grades or behavior). You might start to see unhealthy coping mechanisms. 

The feeling of anxiety or anger can be displayed by your child. Many times the trigger for these feelings doesn’t fit the level of response.

Bullying can be physical or verbal. There can also be relational bullying, including rumors spread or exclusion.

Another prevalent one is cyberbullying.  This can occur through social media, games, text or phone.

Children who have experienced bullying can have long lasting effects. They can be social, psychological or health issues. They are at great risk for:

  • Depression and suicidal thoughts continuing into adulthood
  • Anxiety disorders, such as panic disorders or fear in public places
  • Poorer physical health (such as a result of eating disorders or drug use to counter the bullying)
  • Dropping out of school to avoid the bullies and impacting long term life and career

If you fear your child is being bullied, there is no time to lose in addressing the issue. Sometimes the best way to deal with it is with a professional counselor who can be an objective support resource.  If you fear that your child is being bullied at school, online, or in another social setting, there is no time to lose.

Connect your child with the professional counselors at Pathways Counseling Services. You will be helping your child develop ways to manage their anger and pain, all in a healthy, productive way.

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