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    Cognitive Behavioral Therapy in Scottsdale, AZ

    We are faced with countless decisions and obstacles each day. At times we feel forced to make choices or act in ways that don’t completely resonate as our own. Being overwhelmed or stressed out has unfortunately become too common and in many cases has altered our sense of reality.

    Our inner thoughts and perceptions can deeply impact how we see and approach each situation. Becoming caught in a web of negative thinking or self destructive actions will push us to create our own unhappiness. This slippery slope can require self intervention as well as professional assistance. There are strategies and support systems to help regain control over our thoughts and keep us from acting impulsively or irrationally. 

    What is Cognitive Behavioral Therapy?

    Cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) is a problem- focused therapy aimed at understanding and eliminating unhealthy and irrational thoughts and behaviors on a conscious level. The goal is to replace negative thoughts and maladaptive patterns with more positive and productive thoughts and actions. Consulting with a therapist can help you acknowledge your feelings and form the skills you need to overcome daily obstacles.  

    CBT is especially helpful with a variety of problems including anxiety disorders, panic attacks, Obsessive Compulsive Disorder, mood disorders, personality disorders, eating disorders and substance abuse disorders.  

    How does Cognitive Behavioral Therapy work?

    CBT is practiced during therapy sessions with our trained counselors as well as monitoring and logging problematic thoughts outside of sessions. In doing so, you will become more self aware of your actions and thoughts while catching unhealthy patterns. This will serve to stop you from making more harmful decisions. You will also learn to reconstruct your thinking and regain your power.  In addition, using mindfulness and other positive thinking strategies can help avoid any unnecessary thoughts and stress down the road. With practice and commitment you will experience change for the better, being able to think more clearly and make more thoughtful decisions.

    People with anxiety and depression shared that they see a positive change in the first 8-15 sessions. CBT alone has shown to be 50-75 percent effective. Medication for anxiety and depression are showing similar success rates. However, the long term effect that medication has on the brain and body is still not fully understood. CBT and medication combined are proven to be most effective as 75-90 percent of people shared they feel mentally healthy again. Keeping open communication with one’s therapist during this process is important. Cognitive Behavioral Therapy will help people to identify their thoughts behind their uncomfortable feelings; ultimately allowing people to have more control over such feelings.

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