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Divorce Counseling for Children in Scottsdale, AZ

New Beginnings for Families – Making Co-Parenting Work

When a marriage ends, there are repercussions and changes for the whole family. Children of any age can be angry and confused. They can also be fearful about the future and how their life will change.

Let’s add in the issues surrounding co-parenting and how to prioritize the wellbeing of the child(ren) involved. We review co-parenting counseling in this blog.

The younger the child, the less they are able to understand divorce. They may even feel they are at fault and have a difficult time not blaming themselves.

Parents divorcing can be a major turning point in the life of a child. If handled, well, a child can move on with minimal emotional and psychological consequences.

We know your child’s feelings of being at a safe place to share their emotions is important at this time in their lives.

When parents are in the process of a divorce, we ask for both parties to sign a “Safe Harbor Agreement”. A Safe Harbor Agreement is designed to ensure a child’s needs are put first.

Parents are able to allow their child(ren) with a place to open up and share feelings, without the worry of having it used in any ongoing court procedures.

This process builds trust with the child, that they are able to express what they need to. As a parent, you want your child to be able to process their feelings and the impact of the change in the family dynamics. It’s a safety net for your child. It’s an agreement that tells them even if things are changing, they will be protected.

Pathways Counseling Services, a Scottsdale counseling practice, can help a child understand that the divorce is not their fault and that their parents still love and care for them.

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