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Divorce Counseling in Scottsdale, AZ

Breakup & Divorce Recovery

Losing your true love is one of the most painful, confusing and complicated things that people can go through. Even though everyone around you tries to be helpful, saying things like “You just have to let it go,” or “You’ll find someone better,” it’s not that simple. You want to move on and create a fresh start, but it feels impossible to build a new life when you’re still grieving your old one.

When you’re heartbroken, you walk around with a burning hole in your heart and a head full of obsessions. You can’t just “turn off” the feelings, even though the relationship is over. You know intellectually that you need to move on, but even though your head tells you one thing your heart is still attached — even if you are the one that left.

Our approach offers you guidance on how to release your emotional attachment to your Ex, and move on. Along the way, our Scottsdale counselors help you answer many of the questions that you might be struggling with in the absence of closure, and we also help you find solutions to the complex, confusing situations you might be dealing with in the aftermath of your breakup or divorce.

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