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Do I Need Anger Management Counseling?

Anger is a normal human emotion. There are times when anger is an appropriate reaction to something, especially when something unfair or negative has affected you or a loved one.

There are, however, several instances when anger is very unhealthy and highly dangerous. The inability to control your anger, for example, can be a red flag for deeper emotional issues. Anger issues can destroy relationships, careers–and sometimes lives.

The good news is, there are anger management strategies and support systems to help people with anger issues regain control of their emotions. If you are in search of anger management counseling services (or simply need help figuring out if you have an anger problem), here are a few tips to help you find the information you need.

When to Seek Anger Management Counseling

For many people, the decision to seek out counseling for their anger isn’t always clear. Even though seeking help is never a bad or wrong idea, you can use the following section to help you decide.

You feel/experience anger on a regular basis
As stated earlier, it’s true that anger is a regular human emotion. Experiencing anger on a regular basis, however, may be a sign of a more serious mental concern. Daily bouts of anger or irritability, especially if those bouts are caused by small things and/or come out of nowhere, are not healthy occurrences and should be a strong reason to seek counseling.

You have difficulty controlling your anger
When your emotions run high, they can often cloud your better judgment and cause you to use your anger in harmful and/or potentially dangerous ways. Losing control of your ability to make rational decisions is never a good thing. If you feel like you can’t quite take control of your emotions, we recommend seeing a therapist who specializes in anger management.

You have a history of outbursts
For people with anger problems, outbursts are unfortunately common. Common outbursts, such as yelling or raising one’s voice, breaking objects, and/or road rage may indicate a serious anger issue for most people.

On the more extreme end, outbursts such as threats and physical/verbal violence can cause permanent and irreparable damage to you and others. The consequences of these outbursts can cause you to lose your job, lose your family/relationships, land you in jail, or even end a person’s life. With that said, it’s extremely important to seek counseling if you struggle with these kinds of emotional outbursts.

People express concern about your anger or irritability
Lastly, it’s important to listen to the advice and concerns of the people we are closest to. If a family member or friend has commented on your anger, outbursts, or any potentially toxic behavior, it is best to take their word seriously and seek help immediately.

How Anger Counseling can Help

Catch unhealthy patterns
Anger management counseling will help you stop yourself from “boiling over” and engaging in any harmful behavior related to the anger. Rather than impulsively react and do something you may regret later, anger counseling will help you catch yourself and bring you back to a calmer state where you can make better, more rational judgments.

Restructure your thinking
Anger management can help reprogram the way you approach your feelings and/or situations that may trigger your anger. Mindfulness and other positive thinking techniques, for example, can help you recognize negative thought patterns and avoid any unnecessary thoughts or stresses down the road. Anger management counseling services can also help you channel your anger in healthier, more productive ways as well.

Change for the better
With practice and commitment, anger counseling can help you establish healthy habits that will make your anger problems a thing of the past. Because you will have stronger control over your emotions, you will be able to think clearly and make more thoughtful decisions. Your romantic/family relationships as well as work performance may see significant improvements as well, which will certainly contribute significantly to a healthier, more peaceful life in the short and long term.

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