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Eating Disorder Counseling

Feel strong again

Issues around food, body image, and exercise are very common. Our counselors are trained to support you as you work through the relationship you have with food and processing your emotions.

Our bodies sometimes become the battleground on which we play out emotional pain, uncertainty about identity, or general insecurities. Healing your relationship with food, exercise, and your own body can be a difficult process.

There are also the psychological issues and stressors for individuals with medical conditions that impact our bodies. Inflammatory Bowel Disease (I.B.D.) treatments, both pre and post operative procedures need to be addressed from the perspective of day to day life. With the right support, individuals with I.B.D. and other chronic autoimmune illnesses can truly live a full and meaningful life. The whole family benefits from the positive change strategies developed to bring everyone to their best quality of life.

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