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Feeling down? How to Get Out of a Slump and On With Your Life

Anger is an all-consuming emotion at times, even more so now as we deal with new situations. If you don’t get a grip on it, it can affect your quality of life. Anger will damage your relationships and raise your stress levels. If anger is beginning to impact your life, start taking steps to control your emotional state.

The way the last year and a half has gone, it’s no wonder many people find themselves in a depressed slump. With political differences and a never-ending pandemic, it’s understandable for anyone to feel low. You do not have to be stuck feeling this way, though. There is hope and joy to be had, but you will have to work for it!

First, it’s important to note that being at a low point in life is different than depression. Depression is very common, but it isn’t to be taken lightly. If you think you have depression, seek help from your doctor as soon as possible.

Symptoms of a Depressive Slump

What are the symptoms of a slump? Some signs include feeling tired or drained all the time. Other symptoms include trouble focusing and finding complex tasks impossible to do. Work and recreation may seem meaningless. You may feel like you’re always coming down with something. To put it simply, you do not feel like your usual self, and it is not a great time. Maybe you are feeling some stress and that is adding to the slump.

What’s Causing it? 

Before you can climb out of this low point, you need to figure out what is causing this slump. A common cause is that you haven’t been taking enough time to rest and recharge. Have you been letting work take over weekends or other time off? Our culture praises devoting your life to work, but that can come at a steep cost to your wellbeing. Another reason may be poor nutrition or sleep. Sometimes it occurs from being in a negative environment. Whatever the cause, once you have identified it you can start making changes to feel better. 

Rest and Recharge

You need to permit yourself to rest. You can’t fulfill all your responsibilities when you’re completely exhausted. Unwind a little every day. Give yourself permission to take a nap, do a hobby you enjoy, or relax on the sofa. Go for a walk or a hike outside when the weather is nice. Make yourself do thirty minutes of high-intensity exercise. It sounds counterintuitive, but exercise will give you energy. Whatever you decide on,  set time aside for yourself every day. As cliche as it sounds, self-care is important and will benefit all areas of your life

Mix Things Up

Sometimes we get so far dug into a routine we become like automatons, going about our days in rote scripts. It’s not surprising that we would become a bit despondent and no longer find joy in life. When that happens, that is the perfect time to make some changes. If you can, try to change your routine. Get up a bit early and go for a quick walk or run. Try a new place to eat or a new dinner recipe. Have a party for no reason other than for fun. Take a weekend getaway. Call a friend or relative you haven’t spoken to for a while. Something new can be the spice we need in life to feel more energized.

Look Beyond Yourself

When we are feeling down, we can be a bit self-absorbed and get stuck wallowing in self-pity.  A great way to have a positive impact in the world is to do something for those less fortunate than yourself. Helping others feels good! Making a difference gives you a sense of accomplishment and satisfaction. Go out and volunteer in your community. There is still so much you can do, though. You can send cards to the residents of nursing homes. You can clean up litter from the streets of your town. You could go help out at an animal shelter or do a supply drive for one. You could make some care packages for people without housing. The options are almost endless.

Set Goals

When life feels a bit meaningless, having a goal in mind can give us an extra drive to keep going. It does not have to be a work-related goal, though it can be. Working towards and meeting goals gives us purpose and satisfaction. You could pick a serious or fun goal, such as meeting a sales number or reading a book a month. If you’re trying to get into fitness, you could set the goal of being able to run three miles or do fifty push-ups a day. Do not make your goal so ambitious there is a slim chance of you attaining it. Once you reach that goal, celebrate and set a new one!

Practice Gratitude

Few people are completely satisfied in life. There is always something more that we need or want, but sometimes we need to remember what we already have.  If you are feeling down and dissatisfied with your lot in life, you may need to pause and take stock. Once you see all you have accomplished and the people you have in your life, you will feel better. You could even get a gratitude journal as a reminder to write down what you are grateful for. Spending time focusing on the good, rather than on the bad is a simple way to feel more joy in life.

These ideas will help you climb your way out of a slump. These periods of feeling down and frustrated happen to everyone. If you pick one positive step today to get out of a slump, you will be well on your way to coming out of it! Taking one step in the right direction today will make a big impact on how your feel tomorrow. Try it you have nothing to lose and everything to gain.

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