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Fees for Services

Counseling Services

Our fee for the initial 75-minute counseling session is $285-$490, depending on which counselor you choose.

Following the initial appointment, the fee is $185-$395 per therapy hour (45-minute session) depending on which counselor you choose.

Longer sessions are available and if desired, will be prorated. 

About Our Counseling Pricing

Pathways Counseling Services knows that proper mental health care begins with a comprehensive assessment. Our expert staff dedicates a great amount of time and resources to their patients. This personal approach allows Pathways Counseling Services counselors to customize treatment plans to the unique needs of each client using a variety of methods and techniques.

In order to provide this level of care and expertise, patients of Pathways Counseling Services pay for their visit in full prior to the time of their appointment. 

We do not currently accept insurance, although we can provide you with forms and instructions on how to submit our charges for possible reimbursement should you have any out-of-network mental health benefits through your insurance plan. 

If you have questions about our payment policies, please contact us.

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