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Our Mission

Pathways Counseling Services offers individual counseling and therapy services in Scottsdale, AZ. With 70+ years combined experience, we are your Scottsdale counseling experts!

Stephanie Levitt, CEO of Pathways Counseling Services shares their mission statement:

No matter where anyone is in their journey or their struggles, when they come to Pathways there’s one common goal to get them where they want to be. To get the help and the healing they are looking for. I really enjoy coming to work at Pathways Counseling Services because it’s a very peaceful environment. It’s calm, the therapists are very happy, all the clients feel well respected when they come to this setting. I always explain to my clients that every single one of us in this building, and complex, and life has challenges and I give them a lot of credit for opening up to a stranger and letting me know what their challenges are. We’re really passionate about helping our clients from the pain and the struggles in their life. We do that by taking a holistic approach; so we really look at the whole person, how the mind and the body are connected. How is the social environment that that client is living in? How does that affect them? You know because of the beauty of how Pathways Counseling Services is structured, I’ve got three to four other therapists that I can help guide you to. We’re able to collaborate to really come up with the most effective approach for each individual, each couple, each family. I’m a big believer that we constantly have to keep ourselves on our game, making sure our skills are sharp so we can really give our clients the best of the best. So from the minute you walk in our door our priority for you is to feel comfortable and safe so that you can do the deep work to create the change in your life. We want to make sure that you feel this is a good fit for you. Visit us today!