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Child Grief Counseling in Scottsdale, AZ

Overcoming Loss

The loss of a loved one is very difficult for us all. But it is especially difficult for a child. A child does not have the same coping skills adults have developed over the years. They may not understand WHY they are reacting the way they are. It’s a process and one that they have to work through.

Children may seem resilient and yet, they can be hiding their emotions in other behaviors. If the loss is a close family member, it’s difficult for a parent to handle both their grief and that of their child.

Child grief counseling can help your child with the questions and fears surrounding death. The child needs to feel safe asking questions about death. Grief is a normal part of life and your child needs to develop ways to process feelings, anger, and other emotions.

Children who suffer a traumatic loss might have extra grief, the possible feelings of guilt, or general confusion.

Some signs to look for with your child:

Counseling can help your child:

If you feel your child is experiencing any concerns surrounding grief, it might be time to reach out for support. The professional counselors at Pathways Counseling Services are trained in grief counseling for children and adults.

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