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Grief Counseling

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Bereavement is just one specific form of grief – the emotions of loss are not exclusive to death. There are over 40 common experiences that cause grief, like divorce, job changes, health changes, even loss of trust. In reality, grief can be caused by anything big or small. If something, someone, or an event was important to you and a change in that relationship has negatively affected you, you’re dealing with unresolved loss.

Coping with loss one is one of life’s great difficulties. If you have experienced the pain of loss, you know that any way to ease the loss is welcomed. Not everyone grieves in the same way: We have individual patterns and different outlets for grief. In the worst cases, there are individuals who suffer more severe grief, known as prolonged grief and formerly complicated grief, which can last up to months. 

Pathways Counseling Services Scottsdale grief counseling helps individuals work through these feelings, thoughts, and memories associated with loss. Our grief counseling program helps individuals recognize normal aspects of the grieving process, cope with the pain associated with the loss, feel supported through the anxiety surrounding life changes that may follow the loss, and develop strategies for seeking support and self-care.

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