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Group Online Video Therapy

Video Therapy & Counseling Sessions for Small Groups

Group sessions that you may join from the comfort of your home!

Group therapy allows us to work with several people in small groups. 

This allows you to come together with others that are facing similar challenges. This also creates a support network that can be utilized because each person realizes that they are not alone in what they are going through.

The benefits of an online group therapy session are:

Our video consulting platform reliably delivers a consistent clinical user experience and keeps us connected and compliant. With high-quality video, even in low-bandwidth environments, we can support and meet you anytime, anywhere.

Video Therapy Sessions Currently Offered

All Group Sessions are led by a skilled therapist that will help you not only process your feelings and emotions but will also teach you valuable coping skills to help you deal with your current situations and challenges. 

The Group Sessions are OPEN GROUP SESSIONS, meaning you can join them at any time. 

Our ability to offer group sessions significantly reduces the rate of your sessions to  1/4 of what you would be investing for a 1-on-1 session with our therapists. Make no mistake, the value you will walk away with from each session will be priceless!

Choose from our Groups Sessions that best suit your needs.

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Adult Anxiety Group
Ages 18+

A big event or a buildup of smaller stressful life situations may trigger excessive anxiety, intrusive worrying that disrupts daily functioning. We will work through personal struggles and challenges you may be facing now.

Teen Anxiety Group
Ages 13-17

This is a great place to discuss your feelings and emotions in a safe environment, regarding school, graduation, friends and the social anxiety of trying to fit in and be perfect! Teen anxiety is rapidly rising, and so is the inability to control feelings of worry and stress.

Child Anxiety Group
Ages 7-12

Anxiety may present as fear or worry, but can also make you irritable and angry. In this group we will focus on how you can best navigate this world full of comparison, competition and expectations.

Senior Anxiety Group

This is a great group to join to be able to openly share struggles and challenges you may be going through at this stage of your life.

Chronic Illness Group

This group will focus on the challenges and struggles you may be facing living with chronic illness.

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