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How to Build Self Confidence as an Adult

Anger is an all-consuming emotion at times, even more so now as we deal with new situations. If you don’t get a grip on it, it can affect your quality of life. Anger will damage your relationships and raise your stress levels. If anger is beginning to impact your life, start taking steps to control your emotional state.

Many adults struggle with self-esteem issues. Self-confidence is not a trait that people walk into, it’s a skill you have to work on developing over time. The stress of life can pull you down and leave you feeling awful about yourself. But bad events are not a reflection of yourself or your worth. You’ll live a happier, healthier life if you find a way to improve your self-esteem. If you’re not sure where to start, read on to learn four concrete steps you can take to build self-confidence.

1. Use Daily Affirmations 

If you are not yet feeling confident about yourself, you can still speak to yourself as if you are confident. When you want to tell yourself negative statements, instead recite positive daily affirmations. Each day you can wake up, look in the mirror, and repeat your affirmations to yourself. Tell yourself that you are a strong person, worthy of love, capable of achieving all your goals. Customize your daily affirmations to your specific insecurities. Whatever you feel uneasy about in your life, turn it into a positive affirmation. 

2. Use Boundaries 

People with low self-esteem often don’t draw strong boundaries with others. If you notice yourself often saying yes to requests you wish you could say no to, you need to work on your boundaries. Building boundaries will make you happier in your personal life. It will build strength of character. The more you feel capable of saying no, the more confident you will be in yourself. Trust yourself to reject requests and move on with your day. The other person you rejected may have a negative reaction. It may be uncomfortable at first. You will grow used to setting up boundaries and benefit in the long term. 

3. Engage in Activities You’re Good At 

Doing activities you’re already good at will help build up self-confidence. It can be affirming to know we have talent and skill. Reconnect yourself with your hobbies and interests. It is important to challenge yourself. Yet, there is nothing wrong with engaging in hobbies you know you’ll excel in. Bask in the joy of your accomplishments. 

4. Help Other People 

If you’re not sure how to help others, consider doing volunteer work. Volunteer work can be an awesome way to give back to your community and your self-esteem will grow in return. There is nothing more affirming than being appreciated for helping others. Volunteering will spark genuine joy from within you. Each time that you volunteer, you’ll walk away with a satisfied sense of self. The more good you do in your community, the more you will appreciate yourself and what you’re capable of. You might even make a few friends while volunteering who enjoy the same causes you do.

You can improve your quality of life by building your self confidence. Engaging in activities that encourage you to feel good about yourself is a great way to begin. Being confident in who you are can diminish stress and anxiety. 

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