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    How to Quit Smoking with Hypnosis | Hypnotherapy in Scottsdale, AZ

    There’s no question that quitting smoking is one of the hardest things a smoker can do in life. Even more troubling, however, are the facts surrounding what can happen to a smoker’s health if he or she doesn’t manage to quit.

    Unfortunately for smokers, it seems like the endless onslaught of programs, patches, and gum products on the market never quite seem to work, even when they’re dedicated to quitting. What works for one person doesn’t necessarily work for the next--which makes the quest to stop smoking even harder to endure and more discouraging.

    Using the power of hypnosis to quit smoking, however, there is real and actionable hope for those who have failed before. Rather than try more chemicals and questionable products to quit, Pathways Counseling Services offers a smoking cessation hypnosis program that provides a safer, more holistic way to get to the real root of the issue and finally help smokers quit for good--no tricks or special gum required. Here’s how it works.

    Wait... Hypnosis is Real?

    Of course! There's certainly a lot of stigma and misinformation around hypnosis and hypnotherapy, especially when one’s only exposure to it comes from old Hollywood movies. Rest assured, hypnosis is not about swaying pocket watches or mind control.

    On the contrary, hypnosis is a tried and true therapy method that needs no mind games or special medicine to achieve success. Much like a guided meditation, hy

    pnosis is an mindfulness exercise that has its subjects focus on breaking the bad habits and behaviors that allow their harmful dependencies to continue and grow. Hypnosis is always conducted in a safe, comfortable environment by a licensed professional as well.

    Using Hypnosis to Quit Smoking: How it Works

    Where most treatments focus on the chemical side of addiction, hypnosis focuses on the psychological and behavioral aspects of it. Hypnotherapy suggests that unconscious habits and the mind-body connection has more to do with having trouble quitting smoking than a chemical dependence on nicotine does. It’s hard to believe, but it’s true.

    For example, if you’re a smoker, ask yourself this:

    • Can you sleep through the night most of the time without getting up to have a smoke?
    • Are you able to refrain from smoking when you’re in non-smoking areas?
    • Have you been able to successfully fly on an airplane without smoking?

    If you answered, “yes” to any of these questions, you’ve essentially disproved the theory that nicotine is the problem holding you back from quitting.

    Since the smoking habit is so ingrained in your brain, it’s very hard for your brain to let go of it. When you try to stop, your brain feels very uncomfortable, thus you feel stressed out and irritable – which is mostly withdrawal from the habit – not the nicotine.

    Think of how many people try quitting smoking by wearing a nicotine patch but still have cravings for a cigarette. That’s because the patch doesn’t do anything about controlling the thoughts to smoke. It doesn’t disrupt the triggers that lead to smoking. So, when the person experiences one of the old triggers - such as having a cup of coffee, finishing a meal, taking a break, or needing to calm down - they still want a cigarette - even with the patch on.

    The good news is that hypnotherapy is an incredibly powerful way to “retrain your brain” so you can not only quit smoking, but do so much more easily, without struggling with those thoughts and cravings that you’ve experienced in the past when you’ve tried to quit with other methods.  

    Meet Your Hypnotherapist: Valerie Dawson, LCSW

    Valerie Dawson, LCSW, has been a certified Hypnotherapist for over 25 years and has an advanced certification in Hypnotherapy. She received her Master's in Clinical Social Work from Boston College and has been independently licensed in the state of Arizona as an LCSW since 1991.

    Through hypnosis, Valerie is able to help smokers recognize that quitting smoking comes from within--empowering them to finally kick the habit.

    You can read more about Valerie or our other expert Pathways Counseling Services staff here.

    About Pathways Counseling Services

    Based in Scottsdale and serving the greater Phoenix Valley community, Pathways Counseling Services provides premium hypnotherapy treatment to people who want to improve their lives for good. In addition to smoking cessation programs, Pathways offers a weight loss program using hypnosis as well to help clients make the positive changes they want and need to finally be healthy.

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