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Arizona Hypnotherapy Treatment

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Hypnotherapy or hypnosis is a type of therapy that leverages intense concentration and focus to achieve a heightened state of awareness.

With the help of one of our trained Arizona hypnotherapy counselors in this trance-like state, you will explore painful thoughts, feelings, and memories that may be hidden from the conscious mind.

The goal is to re-think about these past experiences and situations positively to help you to change the way you think and behave.

Hypnotherapy can be helpful in treating issues such as anxiety, substance abuse, phobias, and pain management. It can also be used to improve sleep, communication, or relationship issues.

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What is Hypnotherapy

For many, the term ‘hypnosis’ conjures up images of swinging pocket watches or people clucking like chickens. The truth is, what most people have heard about hypnosis is based on myths. 

Hypnosis is a state of heightened focus and concentration, where it is easier to concentrate intensely on a specific thought while blocking out distractions. Most describe hypnosis as a very pleasurable, relaxing experience.

Hypnosis: Inducing a Trance

When we use hypnosis, we are inducing what is called a trance – a naturally occurring phenomenon that people experience frequently. For example, common or everyday trances can include:

• Your mind wanders off when you’re driving, but you still get to your destination safely
• You watch a movie and experience feelings of fear, sadness or excitement even though you know it’s just a made-up story
• You listen to someone’s conversation only to realize your mind has wandered off and you didn’t hear what they said

In hypnotherapy, one simply learns how to enter a trance deliberately in order to work on an issue. While in trance, the mind is more open and receptive. Hypnotherapy can be a helpful method to help you to achieve your treatment goals.  

Hypnosis Myths and Facts

Myth #1: When a person is hypnotized, they are unconscious or asleep.

Fact: While hypnotherapy can be very relaxing, you are not asleep, and you are aware of everything happening. You will likely remember everything that happens in the session.

Myth #2: Hypnosis is mind control and makes you do embarrassing things.

Fact: You are always in control and will never do or say anything you wouldn’t usually want to.

Myth #3: Unless you are weak or gullible, you can’t be hypnotized.

Fact: Almost anyone can be hypnotized if they want to. People who worry that they won’t be able to enter a trance state are usually surprised by how easy it really is.

Ways Hypnotherapy Can Help

Hypnotherapy can be an excellent complement to your counseling. Here are some examples of areas in which hypnotherapy can be very beneficial:

• Weight control
• Smoking cessation
• Breaking bad habits
• Substance abuse
• Depressed mood
• Anxiety and phobias
• Self-confidence
• Relationship issues
• Grief and loss

• Healing the past
• Fibromyalgia symptoms
• IBS discomfort
• Diabetes management
• Coping with cancer treatment 
• Hypertension
• Pain management
• Insomnia

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