Evening and weekend appointments available!Evenings & Weekends Available


How can I make an appointment?

You may do this in two ways. You may call 480-235-1682 or complete this contact form.

Do you offer a free consultation?

Yes, we off a free 15-minute telephone consultation. Please call 480-235-1682 for a consultation or complete this contact form.

Do you accept insurance?

Our practice is a fee-for-service practice which means we do not accept insurance. If you have an insurance provider with behavioral health coverage, they may offer out-of-network coverage. If you would like to use your out-of-network benefits, we will provide you with a superbill (receipt) that you can submit to your insurance company for reimbursement.

What should I expect?

Prior to your first session, you will fill out some general information. We will send you a link to complete the forms prior to the first appointment.

During the initial appointment, we will review some of your histories, and we will have an opportunity to discuss the reasons you are interested in counseling, and the goals you are looking to achieve from counseling. Based on your responses, a treatment plan will be developed.

How soon should I see results from counseling?

Most patients come in for weekly appointments. As you are feeling better, you can cut back on the frequency of the sessions so you have more time to practice what you are learning. Initial sessions are 75 minutes, ongoing sessions may be 45-75 minutes or longer depending on need.

Patients who work with us report improvements in a few sessions. More difficult issues may take longer. People come to therapy for different reasons but universally people don’t initiate counseling unless they are in some type of emotional pain. Our attitude is to try to make every session count.

What kind of patients do you see?

We welcome couples, children, adolescents, teens, and individuals of diverse backgrounds, cultures, religious traditions, and lifestyles. We will be able to work with you using a variety of tools and techniques and specialize in a variety of issues and concerns.

Is what I say confidential?

All client-therapist conversations are private and confidential. In those rare exceptions when the safety of a client or other is at risk, the disclosure of confidential client-therapist information takes place.

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