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LGBT Counseling in Scottsdale

People within the LGBT community need access to quality mental health services just like anyone else. Unfortunately, not all counselors or therapists are equipped to provide helpful or productive support for those individuals. 

At Pathways Counseling Services, we have over 70 years of experience helping Scottsdale-area community members, including LGBT individuals, find the therapy and support they need to thrive. Here are just a few ways our organization can help.

How do LGBT Counseling Services Help?

Depression, anxiety, PTSD, anger, addiction, relationship problems, and a variety of other issues are life challenges people from all backgrounds can struggle with. However, for people within the LGBT community, social stigmas and prejudices against who they are can add even more layers of pain and hardship into their daily lives.

For LGBT people seeking therapy, it’s important to find a counselor who is a supportive ally and able to provide quality advice without judgment. Below we’ve listed a few example issues and/or areas of concern Pathways Counseling Services is able to help with.

Identity and Discovery
Wherever you are in your life journey, Pathways Counseling Services can work with you to help you find the peace you are looking for and discover who you really are. We approach all our clients and counseling sessions with an open mind. Whether you’re struggling with gender identity, sexual orientation, or simply trying to get in touch with your inner self, our therapists are here to support you on your journey.

Work and School Challenges
Work places, school, and other related spaces can be stressful (and even hostile) environments for people in the LGBTQ+ community. If you are subject to bullying, aggressive behavior, sexual advances, and/or discriminatory behavior at work or school for any reason, Pathways can help you find resilience and peace as well as provide you with the resources you need to remove yourself from those dangerous situations entirely.

Family Issues
Unfortunately, we still live in a world where families do not always support their children for who they are or who they choose to be with. If you have an unhealthy or non-existent relationship with your family, Pathways Counseling Services can help you process and rise above any pain or hardship related to that trauma. 

Personal Relationships
People within the LGBT community may have unique relationship dynamics some therapists are not equipped to speak toward. At Pathways Counseling Services, we can provide relationship counseling services specifically for LGBT individuals that focuses on positivity, safety, and inclusion. We provide a non-judgmental and open-minded space for you and your partner to discuss relationship obstacles with the insight and guidance of a trained therapist.

About Pathways Counseling Services

Based in Scottsdale, Arizona, Pathways Counseling Services specializes in a variety of counseling areas, including LGBT counseling for individuals and couples. We understand people within the LGBT community may face significant hardships related to their identity and relationships, so we do everything we can to get those individuals the support and resources they need to live happy, safe, and successful lives.

If you are a part of the LGBT community and are in need of counseling services, we would love to talk. To schedule an appointment with us, please click here or call (480) 235-1682 to get in touch.

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