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LGBTQ+ Couples Counseling in Scottsdale, AZ

Together Is Better

Your relationship is like many others. You might face different complexities than other couples you know.
Most couples argue or have issues with money, family, sex, or even household chore. Many of the reasons for disagreement have nothing to do with sexual orientation. There are some unique issues for the LGBTQ+ couples.
You might find yourself dealing with some of these issues:

  • Coming out and being open in your life
  • Dating, type of relationship and jealousy
  • Differing viewpoints on various related subject
  • Sexual attitude, likes and satisfaction
  • Family acceptance
  • Discrimination and prejudice
  • Marriage – is this what we want to do?
  • Having a family and parenting

We’re here to help you find clarity and connection with specialized couples counseling.  Pathways Counseling Services, and our trained counselors can offer you insights and perspectives for the LGBTQ+ identity and lifestyle. There is no stigma and give you a safe and supportive place. Here you are able to explore, gain insights, identify possibliies and thrive.  

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