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Seven Practical and Effective Ways to Improve Social Skills

Anger is an all-consuming emotion at times, even more so now as we deal with new situations. If you don’t get a grip on it, it can affect your quality of life. Anger will damage your relationships and raise your stress levels. If anger is beginning to impact your life, start taking steps to control your emotional state.

Humans are by nature social creatures. It is natural for people to spend lots of time around each other. This fact means that having good social skills is very important. Unfortunately, socializing causes anxiety for many people. Improved social skills will help people who don’t find socializing difficult or stressful. Either way, here are seven tips for improving your social skills.

1. Be sociable. Experience is the best teacher. The ideal way to improve a skill is always to practice it. Attend social events, try to be around others, and talk to people more often. If you do these things your social skills will get better. This habit is especially important for people who get anxious in social situations. The exposure to a particular experience is crucial to overcoming fear and worry.

2. Master small talk. Small talk can seem boring and pointless. Small talk is crucial to building rapport. It is also a necessary antecedent to moving on to topics that are deeper and more engaging. The content of small talk is often not especially interesting to either party. Small talk is a way to show you are friendly and worth interacting with.

3. Ask questions. Most (though not all) people like to talk about themselves. Asking questions will help you connect with others. When you show interest in what another person has to say makes them feel good about themselves. And, this makes them feel well-disposed towards you. Stay engaged with others. No matter what the current topic of conversation is, ask whatever follow-up question comes to mind.

4. Share yourself. While inquiring about the other person is good, it cannot be the entire basis for getting to know someone. You must also reveal things about yourself. Remember there is a natural give and take to conversations. Each disclosure by one person should be met with by a disclosure from the other person.

5. Use positive body language. Communication is never just a matter of what said out loud. Your body language says a lot. Try to adopt a relaxed, open, and friendly pose. Make eye contact and try to laugh and smile at appropriate moments in the conversation. Body language usually betrays inner feelings. Try to maintain a calm, relaxed mind while socializing.

6. Have good manners. What qualifies as socially acceptable behavior varies across time, culture, and situation. What remains the same is the importance of good manners. Practicing proper etiquette is a way of showing respect to others. When in doubt on how to handle a social situation, fall back on being polite.

7. Don’t overthink. Humans are designed to spend time with each other. The ability to socialize is innate and inborn. If you are prone to anxiety, try not to worry. Remember, there is a good chance your social skills are actually better than you think. The biggest secret to improving your social skills is going out and socializing. Don’t overthink and miss out on the easiest way to improve social skills.

Socializing with others forms an enormous part of life. The ability to socialize well is vital to living a good, happy, and deeply fulfilling life. You should never overlook the importance of your social skills. Try the seven tips here and see how it will help out.

If you feel like being out in a social settings is causing too much anxiety and negative emotions, it can be time to seek help from a professional. The trained counselors at Pathways Counseling Services are here, and can provide the best type of treatment for your needs. We offer individual counseling and DBT Skills Groups. Your mental health is a key to a calm and healthy life. We encourage you to reach out to schedule an appointment. Your appointment can be in person or online. You may schedule your appointment online, contact us here through the website or call our office at 480-235-1682.
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